Happy New Year 2018—Let’s Read through the Bible Together

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Happy New Year 2018—Let’s Read through the Bible Together

One of my favourite disciplines is to read through the Bible each year, but I love to switch up how I do it. This year I’m using what John Piper recommended called Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. It daily follows 4 different passages 25 days a month leaving room for catch-up or further meditation or study. Last year I used the 5 Day Bible Reading Program  which has also been updated specifically for 2018 and has a more chronological structure to it.

Do you want to join me?

Yes, I realize we’re already a couple days into the new year, but we can get on track together! Last year several of us read through the Bible and it was so encouraging to know we were not alone. It always helps having accountability while persevering through a challenging task. I say ‘task’ because it is a discipline that will require you to set aside devoted time, but also allows freedom to catch-up some days. If you’ve never done it, it will be so worth while. I will connect each month to encourage you and share a passage or two that stands out to me.

Connect with me at so I can include you on the monthly Read Through the Bible Together emails.

Be encouraged,

Live resolved for God’s glory!



  1. I’m in! Looking forqard to getting back on track daily.

    • I’m so glad you are joining April! It really does help to have accountability and to know you’re not alone!

  2. I’m in Jenn! Thanks so much I was looking for a good 1 year Bible reading plan for 2018.

    • Yeah!! So glad you can join in! I really am looking forward to the extra day a week to pause or study a little deeper…or just catch up.

  3. I’m in too. So eager to get started on it this year after completing it last year with you. Catch up days are my saving grace!

    • Yes! That’s great Karin There’s a few of you doing it again – that thrills me! I agree about the catch-up days!!

      • And…it’s still think its so awesome we got through it once together!

  4. Count me in Jenn. I’m not convinced I can do it but am willing to try my best!

    • I get that! It really does help to know you are apart of a group that is committed to doing a HUGE challenge together! It’s a big commitment, good for you!!

  5. Just saw this…I can catch up!!

    • Yes!! Fantastic!! You can still catch up for sure – I’ll email you the first email I sent out today.

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